About Us


The Rum Doodle is one of Kathmandu’s oldest and most recognized meeting points.

Born of the necessity of providing a world class watering hole and wholesome, home-style fare to returning trekkers and mountaineers, the Rum Doodle has been actively fulfilling its role since the late 70’s, when it was founded.

Beginning its life as a Bar and Restaurant in Kathmandu’s Thamel district and as Kathmandu’s first ever Ice Cream Parlor on Kantipath, the Rum Doodle as gone through several metamorphoses since the early days. The Ice Cream Parlor was closed. And the Bar and Restaurant has changed locations several times- a new experience each time for returning customers- but we have retained our original ethos of providing a world class drinking experience and a wholesome and varied Bill of Fare.

The Rum Doodle remains under its original ownership and continues it tradition of welcoming back climbers, adventurers and travelers from around the world.